News of an RV8 seen at auction in Japan
Care needed with Woodcote Green 1867
As a sequel to David Batten's useful report on RV8 auctions in Japan, Fred Jenns of Classic and Sportscar Consultants has sent in some photos of an RV8 seen at auction in Japan recently. (16.6.07)

Fred says "I have only just spotted the new RV8 auction report from Tokyo. If you want evidence of impending lunacy, we watched Woodcote Green 1867 sell this week for JPY 2.18m (GBP9,276)!!

Looking through the photographs you can see a badly rusted windscreen frame, damaged dash top roll (toll reader stuck in place), poor alloy wheels, needs new tyres, damaged hood, damaged trim, needs paint on bonnet and nearside door, scruffy engine with engine ancillary noise (alternator bearing perhaps) and incomplete tool roll - all of which rather undermined the claimed low mileage. Continued . . .

A badly rusted windscreen frame

Poor alloy wheels will need refurbishing

Note: FX rate JPY/GBP @ 235 has been used for the FX conversions above

Bonnet paintwork needs some attention

Scruffy engine with engine ancillary noise - an alternator bearing perhaps?

Damage to the nearside door

Soiled nearside carpets

Damaged dash top roll - toll reader stuck in place

We don't know where this car is destined, but if someone has bought it from description alone, then they might be a bit disappointed!" (16.6.07)

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