Factory MGBGTV8 toolroll
The toolroll supplied with the Factory produced MGBGTV8 comprised a jack which is designed to lift one side of the car at a time. With the handbrake on and the wheels chocked, the lifting arm (2) is inserted into the socket located in the lower edge of the door sill panel. The jack should lean out slightly at the top to allow for the radial movement of the car as it is raised. The jack has a winder to raise or lower the car. The toolroll also has a wheel brace. Care is needed using the brace to avoid damaging the chrome finish of the sleeved wheel nuts. Under no circumstances allow a tyre fitter to use a air-gun on these nuts. (19.6.08)
Jack from the Factory MGBGTV8 toolroll (Page 29 Driver's Handbook AKD8423)

Tips for avoiding wheel nut damage - V8NOTE291
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