MGBGTV8 Press Pack
MGBGTV8 Official Press Release Pack 1973
Dr Gavin Bailey reports on the V8BB that "Those interested might like to know that there's a rare MGBGTV8 press pack on eBay item no. 200064696512 The auction finishes 7th January 2007 at 1856 GMT". (6.1.07)
The winning bid is reported to have been £68.66. (8.1.07)

A rare press pack for what is a truly magnificent car! The pack contains 19 pages of information with all lead sheets on British Leyland headed paper. It also includes an official release photo of the car, which is 220x170 mm, and is marked 'Confidential, not for publication until 15th August 1973'.

All contained in an eye catching folder (the corners are a little creased)
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