What are Jubilee MGBGTV8s?

MG's "Golden Anniversary" year in 1975
As a marketing ploy at a time when sales were struggling, 1975 became Mg's "Golden Anniversary" year and as part of a major marketing effort the MG Plant at Abingdon made some "Jubilee" changes to MGBGT and V8 production. But there are three groups of "Jubilee" MGBGTV8s.

Factory Jubilee MGBGTs
A single Factory Jubilee MGBGTV8 was built along with 750 Jubilee MGBGTs..

Factory MGBGTV8s produced in the 1975 Jubilee year with some "Jubilee" features
The features include some "Pale Gold" badging and other Jubilee items and were fitted to most cars produced in 1975.

University Motors "Jubilee style" MGBGTV8s
These were Factory produced MGBGTV8s delivered to distributors which University Motors decided to convert for their customers in 1975 and 1976 to "Jubilee style" before delivery to the customer.

The panels alongside cover these three groups of "Jubilee" MGBGTV8s.

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Limited run of 750 Jubilee MGBGTs
As part of the Jubilee changes the Factory produced 750 Jubilee MGBGTs which were specially finished with British Racing Green paintwork and gold coloured side panels, V8-style wheels in black and gold, satin black door mirrors and steering wheel spokes, black carpets and a dashboard badge.

A single Factory Jubilee MGBGTV8 was produced (BRG/Gold 2605) in June 1975 for David Haddon, the managing director of the British School of Motoring. The current whereabouts of this rare car are not known.

Jubilee year MGBGT & V8 changes
For the Jubilee 1975 calendar year, the changes included Pale Gold coloured MG badges instead of the usual chrome items, the metallic blue lettering of the tailgate "MGBGT" badge changed to Black although the background was still silver, and the background to the moulded MG badge on the horn push of the steering wheel was changed from red to yellow.

These Jubilee year changes were also made to many MGBGTV8s built during 1975 and additionally the chrome "V8" badges on the nearside wing and tailgate were changed to an anodised pale gold colour and the background colour of the nose badge was changed from red to black. As with many change points made during V8 production, there was some "flexibility" over exactly when these changes started and ended in terms of cars in production.

See an illustrated note with photos provided by Timothy Southall of his "Jubilee year" MGBGTV8 (Tahiti Blue 2371), details of the change points from David Knowles' book, "MG V8" and parts notes from Peter Beadle (formerly parts manager at University Motors, Epsom). More & More

UM "Jubilee style" MGBGTV8s
Leading MG distributor, University Motors, produced some similar "Jubilee style" MGBGTV8s during 1975 and into 1976. Most were converted to Jubilee style before delivery to their customers. One is owned by a longstanding V8 enthusiast, Rob Grieves. His V8 (Black 2788) was built in February 1976 and supplied by University Motors at Hanwell in West London and first registered in April 1976. Rob says "it is believed that the Jubilee side flashes were put on by University Motors when the car was prepared for sale to the first owner. But the car retained its Black bodywork applied during "Paint finishing" during production at the MG Plant, its Autumn Leaf coloured cord seats and the original carpets.

So the UM "Jubilee style conversion" only included some of the features of the limited run of Factory produced Jubilee cars.

See an illustrated article from Rob Grieves on his "UM Jubilee style" MGBGTV8 (Black 2788). More