MGBGTV8 nearing 500,000 miles!

Surely the MGBGTV8 with the largest mileage?

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Posted: 181213
Gordon Hesketh-Jones reports his chrome bumper MGBGTV8 (Harvest Gold 1902) is "nearing 500,000 miles and it is currently waiting for a top-end engine rebuild. I have all the parts here and I am just waiting for the local engine builder to find a slot for me after Christmas". Gordon's MGBGTV8 has been his main family car he has driven daily for many, many years and together with his wife Jennifer they have made many long distance tours on Mainland Europe and beyond. One of their memorable tours was his "V8 goes east" tour covering 5,250 miles from Cornwall to Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and home via Calais. On another occasion they went up to North Cape at the top of Norway.

Photo alongside: Gordon Hesketh-Jones, Kai Knickmann and Allan Doyle meeting up in Erlangen in Germany in June 2005