MGBGTV8 missing presumed dead?

Does anyone know anything of this Teal Blue MGBGTV8 or have they seen it recently? It is presumably a low mileage car having been used for an initial period of possibly only 14 years.
Posted: 181209

NEWS update
From contacts with the ebay advertiser, we have heard a refurbishment of the Teal Blue MGBGTV8 is in progress and it's not far off complete, just top end of engine to assemble and then paint. The present owner has other MGs he is also working on. 181210

Earlier Pricewatch NEWS item
This MGBGTV8 was listed on our Pricewatch webpage and seen sold at auction by Matthewsons - see news report. 160111

Has this MGBGTV8 gone missing?
Peter Beadle says "one of our flock is missing - it was last seen on an ebay advert for a replica Ferrari Maserati Vanwall next to two other MGB/CGTs. Can you spot the early chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Teal Blue with the registration number OPW 943M in the background?"

The results of a search on the GOV.UK website (see alongside) show the car was first registered in November 1973 but has been untaxed since 1st October 1987 some 31 years ago. It has not had an MOT.

On checking the V8 Database there is no registration of this car there so we have no details of who has owned or owns the car. Peter believes the MGBGTV8 may be in Lancashire just outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, north of Burnley. It doesn't appear to have a dust cover but seems to be in a reasonable condition.