MGBGTV8 restorations

Within a week reports of two very distinctive MGBGTV8 restorations have come in - one an MGBGTV8 Conversion and the latest a Factory MGBGTV8. Both have tasteful upgrades and are finished in very similar paint finishes which suit the model very well.

You can see photo reports of both cars.

Factory Test Route
See details of the test route used by the MG Plant to test MGBGTV8s. More

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Distinctive restoration of a Factory MGBGTV8
Victor Rodrigues reports a Factory MGBGTV8 owned by a fellow Swiss member has been "reborn" by a major restoration with a LHD conversion carried out by Frontline near Abingdon. The car was originally Glacier White 0498 built on 9th August 1973 (a few days before the launch of the model) and despatched on 3rd September 1973 to Stewart & Arden in Barnes SW13. Victor says "it is a very distinctive restoration with a wonderful interior but has kept the original engine and more. The owner reports he has already done his first experimental drive using the historical Factory Test Route used by the MG Plant in Abingdon, with very good results! Economically not affordable for everyone for sure, but a very nice option to have nowadays for an MGBGTV8".
Our former V8 Archivist, the late Geoff Allen, reported back in August 1992 that this car had been "broken and the parts transferred to a V8 Roadster" but no further news of that project has been seen.
Victor Rodrigues runs the successful Swiss MGV8/IG which has a programme of events each year at Victor's garage near Zurich, at Morges and at other venues.
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Restoration of an MGBGTV8 Conversion
This MGBGTV8 Conversion was built by CCHL and is finished in Aston Martin Chiltern Green, which the owner Jon Buckley thinks "suits the car well, although not for the MG purist". The car is a combination of original with some new improvements. Externally it looks like a standard Mark I MGBGT, apart from the front spoiler and Aston style fuel filler cap. The V8 badge is now in the 'correct' central/right position, albeit on an earlier radiator grille. The interior is red leather with black piping, black carpets/headlining, and the rear seat replaced with a storage compartment, similar to Frontline.
It has a Rover 3.5 V8 engine with high lift camshaft, high compression pistons, waisted stem valves and flowed ports, an Edelbrock 500cfm 4-barrel carburettor, Lucas electronic ignition and RV8 style ceramic coated manifolds. The gearbox is 5-speed Mazda, Bilstein front suspension and Frontline 5-link rear suspension with Wilwood 4-pot front disc brakes and standard rear brake drums. The car is equipped with electric power steering, electronic speedometer and power/USB sockets. Jon says "it goes well and sounds like a Rover V8 should!"
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