Electric MGB seen at the NEC

On the RBW stand at the NEC Classic Car Show there was an electric MGB.

RBW - recreating the most beautiful cars ever made. Made electric.
That is statement made by RBW Classic Electric Cars, a company that is taking "the logical step forward, allowing us all to share our passion for classic cars by marrying the iconic designs to the latest EV technology". RBW add their "recreations are not conversions or re-worked cars. They are state of the art, latest technology products with new bodyshells. These vehicles create a real sports car driving experience - this is the result of RBW's association with renowned technology businesses such as Continental Engineering Services, Zytek Automotive, Hyperdrive Innovation and leading suspension designers".

RBW say "now we’ve taken a leap into the 21st Century. As of 2018 we will manufacture new cars that look as beautiful as only true classic cars do, but now coupled with the latest battery and drivetrain technology".

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Attraction of a V8 engine
Robbie Coltrane did a wonderful video clip on the the sound and feel of a V8 engine saying "to quote an engineering phrase - the V8 engine is the absolute business"! More

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RBW say they "bring together the very best classic cars and lovingly re-craft them by hand with all new metal throughout to make a brand new recreation classic. All of our cars complete an IVA test as part of the build, ECE 100 reg (electrification) process for DVLA registration and legality. All our cars are engineered with technology from Continental Engineering Services and tested in association on site at Zytek Automotive.

Zytek Automotive, with over 150 engineers based in the traditional heartland of British engineering and car manufacture, design electric prototypes and electric niche cars, especially sports and racing cars. They are the driving force behind everything from the breakthrough electric Smart Car to the technology in Audi concept cars and much research so cutting edge it’s still under wraps. Not least, Zytek provide the components for the winning Le Mans cars and the cars that have won Formula E racing three years in a row. Zytek, who are part of Continental AG, provide our electric engines and infrastructure design".

Layout, motor and batteries? The MGB EV has the electric motor located alongside the back axle with the batteries located under the bonnet at the front.

Key data: range 175 miles, 0-60mph in 8.5 seconds, top speed 95mph, recharge time at 3.5kw is 6 to 7 hours and with 7.0kw 3 to 4 hours. Rapid charging in 30 minutes.

How much are they? - well here is the sobering stat: price including taxes is £99,600. If you thought a Frontline MGB recreation was expensive then RBW's MGB EV is step further into the "deep pockets zone"!

Comment: the real sports car experience is both feel and sound. Whilst the performance and handling with the suspension improvements may be impressive, if an MGV8 version is to appear surely it will need the addition of sound so the full v8 engine burble is both heard and felt. So let's hope the recreation includes that vital sound which only a V8 engine can provide!