Liz Allsworth - our Club membership secretary

Alongside is Liz Allsworth on the Club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show. It's on now from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th November 2018 and you will find the Club stand in the middle of Hall 3.

This is the first in a series of articles where we feature a Club member with whom many V8 members may have had contact but have never met. So our photos will enable you to recognise them when you are at Club events.

Posted: 181109
Many V8 members may have had contact with Liz Allsworth, the Club's membership secretary, by email or telephone but may never have met her. Well today she was on the Club's stand at the NEC Classic Car Show near Birmingham welcoming members and encouraging visitors to join our Club.

The V8 Register has a successful system with Liz - whenever the V8 Registrar spots an enthusiast registering an MGV8 does not appear to be a Club member, the registration details are forwarded to Liz who then sends out a "New Member Pack" which includes a free copy of Safety Fast! and forms encouraging them to join our Club. In many cases a prompt application to join our Club follows but where no response is seen often Liz and her colleagues telephone recipients of those packs to encourage them to join. The success rate with new members joining through this joint scheme with Liz Allsworth is very good. Anyone who has had contact with Liz will know she is a delightful and helpful lady and very much an MG enthusiast.