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Posted: 180929
Franck Morand, a longstanding French MGV8 enthusiast based in Thailand, has been back in France for a few days at home in Clermont and says "I had the opportunity to test drive my V8 after it had been serviced. I had the rear brakes cleaned, a complete greasing of the suspension, and most importantly, I had the tyres changed for Kléber 185 Dynaster 70 14 and also the front suspension aligned and the wheels balanced. The car is absolutely transformed! Handling, comfort and grip are fantastic - and no more vibration at 130 km/h. I don’t know whether you can get these tyres in the UK, but I highly recommend them. By far the best road tyres for an MGB I have ever had and very reasonably priced too".

A brief online search produces links to French and other Mailand European tyre suppliers. Has any fellow V8 enthusiast had experience with this tyre and know of any UK suppliers?
Finding good comparative tyre test information
Choosing replacement tyres has been made easier by the compulsory performance labelling but if you want comparative performance information on the top tyres then you need to see the results of tyre tests. The Which? magazine comparative test rankings in 2015 had Continental Premium Contact5 as their top tyre with Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse second. The Continental Contact tyre has been a popular choice for both MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 members. See the news item. More