V8 Dyno Day at Aldon

Tip when attending a dyno session
It would be wise to take and wear some earplugs; RV8s and BGTV8s on full chat (6,000 RPM) are surprisingly noisy in a concrete block building. What is also interesting is the amount of noise emanating from the rear of the car, particularly the tyres under load and the differential on all cars.

Pictured alongside is the lovely 4.6 Litre RV8 belonging to Peter Jung. A full report will follow, when we will reveal just how many horsepower this engine produced.

Posted: 180910
Nic Houslip reports "the V8 Register's dyno day on Saturday 8th September at Aldon Automotive in Brierley Hill was interesting and well attended. We had a line-up of RV8s and a single BGTV8 and everyone got a run on the dynamometer. We will full publish details later, but two interesting points emerged: one RV8 had a noticeably noisy engine when the bonnet was opened, it sounded like tappets, but it's owner said the noise was from the injectors. He had replaced them with set of aftermarket parts and the truth emerged when the dyno indicated a measly 144BHP. He is going to get the old injectors refurbished.
More surprising was my RV8 - it produced 187 BHP from a standard engine with an Optimax chip but the dyno man said he thought it was woolly at the top end, after checking
the timing he discovered that the distributor was not advancing the spark as the speed increased, so he suggested a trial, adding about 2 deg more static advance - and lo and behold nearly 192 BHP. A distributor overhaul underway! "