Unexpected problem on the V8 Derbyshire Tour 2018

Initial report on the V8 Derbyshire Tour 2018. More

Posted: 180910
Ron Warr had an unexpected problem on the Monday at the V8 Derbyshire Tour 2018 when the gear lever on his MGBGTV8 Conversion snapped. Fortunately the tour organiser, Ken Clayton, had identified several "Recovery/Mechanic" specialists in the area so Ron was able to remove the base section of the lever and take both parts to a specialist and have them welded together. He returned and refitted the lever and continued with the tour route. Alongside is Barbara Warr pointing to the restored gear lever with some amusement.

The popular annual V8 Tour was in Derbyshire for 2018. It attracted 40 participants with 20 MGV8s - 14 RV8s, 3 MGBGTV8s and 2 MGBV8s. The tour party was based at the New Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath in Derbyshire.