Retrofitting silver on black numberplates

Old suffix before 1983

"P" suffix Damask MGBGTV8 above was first registered in January 1976.

Posted: 180823
It used to be only vehicles built before 1st January 1973 could have the old style silver on black non reflective numberplates. However in 2015 the rules changed and DVLA's website explains that since 2015 vehicles manufactured more than 40 years ago can display the traditional silver on black numberplates. This date rolls over each year so in 2018 vehicles manufactured before 1978 can display them. But before you order your new plates do note your vehicle must also have had its tax class changed on the V5C to "Historic" when it would then be eligible for VED exemption.

Above is part of page 11 from INF104
See the DVLA - INF104