Number of classic car MOT tests fall

MOT exemption
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Fuzz Townside
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master mechanic and contributor of the "How stuff works" series in Classic Car Weekly. (Photo: Classic Car Weekly)

Posted: 180823
The number of MOTs taken by classic cars eligible for "Historic" status has dropped by 49% comparing the test taken in June 2018 with 2017. These figures were obtained by Classic Car Weekly from the DfT (Department for Transport) and reported in the lead article in latest issue of Classic Car Weekly out yesterday. Figures from the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) show the number of eligible classics submitted for the MOT test in June - the first full month of testing since MOT exemption was introduced - was 12,635 compared with 25,360 in June 2017. What these numbers do not reveal is the number of classics eligible for MOT exemption where the keeper opted for a voluntary test - either a voluntary MOT that was not recorded as a formal MOT or a similar test by an MOT tester or specialist service provider.

Encouraging classic car owners of MOT exempt cars to have them tested regularly as a desirable safety check is something supported by Fuzz Townsend, master mechanic and contributor of the "How stuff works" series in Classic Car Weekly, with his "Classic Aware" campaign. His view and that of many people with regular experience with cars submitted for MOT tests is the MOT test, whilst far from perfect, is better than having no test at all. Similarly we have put forward the idea of "Test and be Safer" or TABS but sadly it received a mix of support and critical comment from the Club.