First two volumes of the V8 Workshop Notes on eBay

Printed volumes in the 1980s
The books on offer are the first two volumes of the V8 Workshop Notes series - First Fifty (Volume 1) and Volume 2. In the early days of the V8NOTES series they were produced as printed books with a black plastic or wire spiral binding. But as the series grew the cost of post and packaging for 6 plus volumes became heavy, so with the arrival of CDs as a convenient form of data storage we switched to distribution on CD from Volume 6. A few years ago we made a further change to using a neat 2GB Twister memory stick with a V8 Logo.

Who is offering these two volumes?
Ebay advert says the seller is a "a small business established in 2001 which specialises in the supply of new and used Motoring Literature, DieCast Models, Model Railways, Plastic Kits, Slot Car Systems & Product Related Literature".

Offered on eBay - two printed volumes of V8 Workshop Notes containing 70 notes for £45 plus UK postage at £3.95, total £48.95. More On offer on the V8 Website - thirteen volumes of V8 Workshop Notes containing 545 notes for £27.95 including UK postage and VAT. More

So why pay £48.95 for only 70 notes when you can get 545 notes for £21 less?

See full details of our two Workshop Notes series. More

The eBay advert was spotted by Robert Rose.
Posted: 180820