MGs on the hedge!

The four page V8 Newsletter in the August 2018 issue of Safety Fast! celebrated the 45th anniversary of the launch of the MGBGTV8 model in August 1973. An exceptional MGBGTV8 in Glacier White, owned by Andy Goves was featured on the cover of Safety Fast! The garden setting with a lawn and a hedge behind caught Martin Evans' eye as many photos he had taken of various MGs he owned in his father's garden looked like a similar backdrop.

See Martin's "MGs on the hedge". More

Posted: 180814
Martin Evans in Powys has sent in a note saying "I have a long held view that the MGBGT is one of the best looking cars ever made - though I fully accept that aesthetics is a matter of opinion - the cover photo of August 2018 issue of Safety Fast! being a good example. My father pointed out the similarity with my parents' garden and looking at numerous photos of our cars, I can see his point. We sometimes use the garden for insurance photos and it's certainly a more photogenic location than my place! I attach a few photos of the MGs we have and you'll see the similarity between the front of Safety Fast! and my parents' garden!" See Martin's "MGs on the hedge". More