Hopeful V8 Grille Badge offer on eBay
Ian Quarrington has spotted an advert on eBay where a V8 Register Grille Bage is being offered for sale where the advertiser claims "the last one went for £125"! Clearly that is not the case as they are readily available today.

Auction of the last V8 Register Grille Badge
The badge auctioned in November 2014 was a brand new V8 Register Grille Badge which was the last of the then current stocks. At that time a future further supply was not expected to be available because the minimum economic production run for new stock would result in the V8 Register having to purchase a batch of badges which would take seven years to sell. So the auction offered an opportunity to bid to buy that last grille badge. Bid result: a top bid of £125 was received. See the auction webpage from November 2014. More

Posted: 180801

Used V8 Register Grille Badge seen on offer on eBay where the advertiser says "a used item. You can’t get them new anymore. The last new one went for £125 on the MG clubs site. It’s a small badge to fit the RV8 and the rubber bumpered MGBGTV8, complete with aluminium fixing plate and brass nuts and bolts. Fits chrome bumpered MGBGTV8s too. Size - 2 ¼" square (60mm)".
See the advert on eBay. More

New V8 Register Grille Badge available from the online V8 Shop for £34.95 including P&P for a member in the UK. See the badges on offer on the online V8 Shop.

Update: the starting price was £15.00 and at 1415 on 1st August 2018 no bids are recorded. 180801

Don't be fooled by this opportunist!
> V8 Register Grille Badges are readily available now on the V8 website
for £34.95 just over a quarter of the suggested price on eBay!
> In addition the badge offered on eBay isn't from the batch where the last one was auctioned in November 2014 for £125. Look at the photo in the lefthand column and compare it with the photo above from the eBay advert - the font is clearly different. More

Since those stocks ran out in 2014, fellow member Angus Munro arranged a new supply in 2017 and they have proved a popular purchase for many V8 Register members. They are the small size (2 ¼" square (60mm)) that fits the RV8, rubber bumpered MGBGTV8s and the chrome bumpered models too. Visit our online V8 Shop.