Another report of an MGBGTV8 servo failure

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Posted: 180715 & update: 180726
Gilles Desroches in France reported he "was lucky to escape any damage and injury with a servo brake failure on his MGBGTV8 but fortunately it happened while backing out of the garage. So now I need a replacement for all my GT!" He added "I had the same servo problem with my Austin Healey 3000. Those Girling units had a bad reputation and although I rebuilt the servo it failed again. The symptom is always the same - white smoke out of the exhaust when you start the engine and rev it up and it was the same with the V8. I had my mechanics check the exhaust. I have had eight brake failures with my old cars in my lifetime, fortunately with no damage but I don't want to pull the luck elastic band too much - étirer sa chance as we say in French".
Update: Gilles has been in touch to say "To add to your statistics about servo brake failure I've just dismantled the servo on my 75 GT 4 cylinder and sure enough the servo was filled with brake fluid. I had noticed that the level in the master cylinder was dropping at an abnormal rate but I still had functional brakes. With two of my four MG having had this problem it seems it should alert all MGB owners with servo assisted brakes". 180726