Traditional SWISS-MGV8/IG "Welcome Champagne" lunch meeting

Victor Rodrigues, the MGV8 enthusiast in Switzerland who runs the SWISS-MGV8/IG, says they had their "traditional Welcome Champagne meeting near Zurich at his garage/mini MG museum". One member who arrived was Jan Waldburger who is the new owner of this great pre-production car, Glacier White 102.

Victor Rodrigues likes to plan well ahead with his events and says "with the 50th celebration of the LHD MGBGTV8s in 2023, Jan suggested the idea of trying to reunite the 7 Factory LHD MGBGTV8s at MGLive! 2023 in cooperation with the V8 Register together with as many of the other pre-production cars. He adds "it would have the support of the SWISS-MGV8/IG. What do you think about such an idea as a project? It is still a long time to go - I'll be 82 at this time, but I will do my best to be there!" It sounds like a good idea.

Posted: 180715