Only 14 new workshop notes needed to reach 1,000!

We will have an online poll so fellow members can vote for the V8NOTE and RV8NOTE they feel is the best contribution of the remaining 14 notes. So start drafting your workshop note now - the note can be a couple of paragraphs with photos or diagrams as illustration or a longer one of two page article. The contributors of the most popular new V8NOTE and RV8NOTE will each receive a prize.

Call the V8 Webmaster if you need any help.

Posted: 180713

Our two workshop notes series for the MGBGTV8 and the MG RV8, with spares and maintenance tips contributed by fellow members, are rapidly approaching an aggregate total of 1,000 notes. The chart alongside shows how close we are with a current total of 986 notes - so only 14 more workshop note are needed to reach a 1,000. With 7 new notes for both series that will take them to the convenient totals of 550 V8NOTES and 450 RV8NOTES.

The V8NOTES series was launched in April 1979 and the RV8NOTES in September 1999.
Why not contribute a workshop note sharing a tip or a workaround you have found with your ownership on an MGV8? You can download a template for a workshop note here. Template in Word format