Enjoying an MGBGTV8 Conversion
John Bonnett has an MGBGTV8 Conversion finished in Teal Blue which was built by a former time served MG apprentice to a very high standard. John then added Frontline's Six Link rear suspension system and found the handling was transformed. Here he describes how it happened.

John starts by saying "that what follows is a purely personal opinion and in no way intended as a criticism of the Factory produced MGBGTV8 or to cause offence".

It's fair to say that the suspension upgrades that have improved the ride and handling of the Factory MGBGTV8, and indeed the MG RV8 too, came later - the Hoyle IRS was launched in 2000 and the Frontline upgrade later.

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John Bonnett's first encounter with a V8 was when he purchased a standard Teal Blue Factory V8 in the early 1990s. He felt It fell woefully short of his expectations and was hugely disappointing. No performance to speak of and when cornering, initial understeer followed seamlessly by final and unpleasant roll oversteer. John says his first requirement of any car whether it be old or modern and for whatever use, is that it doesn't roll and turns in sharply. The original V8 failed on both counts. Unfortunately at the time the only upgrade that he knew about was the Ron Hopkinson handling kit which failed to make any improvement so the car had to go.

John's interest was having a car which he could use for both motorsport and daily use on public roads, so he built a "Lightweight" as a handcrafted aluminium bodied Triumph GT6 for hill climbing. He continued to be active in motorsport until his last event in 2015.

Then without the need to double as a racing car, the search was on for a genuine Gran Turismo that would eat up the miles, particularly in France where he spends most of his holidays. John then looked at a number of options including TVR and Gilbern but each time he kept coming back to the MGBGTV8, which he felt would do all he wanted providing he could get it to handle and produce sufficient power. Visiting Frontline he saw it was possible to both see and try one of their MGBs with its suspension upgrades. He then began his search for an MGBGTV8 and found one - a V8 Conversion which had been built to a very good standard. Following his purchase he fitted the Frontline six link rear upgrade and installed Lucas 14cux hotwire injection system to the 3.4 litre Rover V8 engine. The result a car he feels is the best classic car he has owned. "It is comfortable, quiet and covers the ground with consummate ease. A proper GT".
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