Rare MGBGTV8 is for sale

Just occasionally we see an advertisement for a rare MGBGTV8 and here is one - an ex-Police demonstrator from 1973.

See the advert & photos

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An early pre-production chrome bumper car MGBGTV8 which was used as a police demonstrator has just come up for sale. It was ordered by BMC Fleet Sales for evaluation by the Police. This unique pre-production car was first registered on 2nd February 1973 and later that year returned to the Factory and sold as a private car. More than £20,000 was spent on the car between late 2009 and mid-2013 including some new body panels and painted in Police White. It has been serviced annually ever since. It has a full stainless steel Sport exhaust system, original lobster claw air filter holders and original steering wheel. The Dunlop composite V8 wheels in excellent condition. With an MOT till May 2019, the car comes complete with the contemporary Police equipment as well as a Heritage certificate, the original copy of Police Review from 17th August 1973 featuring the review of this car and magazines with articles about the car. The car is being offered for sale by Malcolm Bailey who has cherished the car for many years and has put it on display at many car shows.

The car is advertised for sale on the V8 Website with a link to a 5 page document with a detailed description of the car and many photos including a number showing the Police equipment, including a roof mounted triangular blue beacon and a two members of a local Police force admiring what was seen in the 1970s as a very good enforcement car. See the advert & photos