What are the weather prospects for MGLive! 2018?

BBC Weather website
Looking ahead the BBC Weather website on Sunday 27th May forecasts reasonable weather for the MGLive! 2018 weekend and the few days beforehand. But UK weather can change - let's keep our fingers crossed!
BBC weather website for Silverstone

Layout of MGLive! 2018
Unfortunately with only 10 days to go we have yet to receive a copy of the layout of the MGLive 2018 event showing the location of the V8 Marquee and V8 Parking Area. That will help both regular visitors know where to park up and find the V8 Marquee. Equally for members less familiar with Silverstone Circuit and MGLive! it will be a valuable aid. Just as soon as a copy is sent to us by the team organising MGLive! we will release a copy here. Guide released 180526

V8 Marquee
As usual the V8 Register will have a marquee at MGLive! 2018 with free tea, coffee and homemade cakes with plenty of tables and chairs for fellow members and their guests to rest up and chat. Again the V8 Marquee is generously sponsored by Clive Wheatley.

Posted: 180527
30th May 2018

Birmingham Symphony Hall visit

31st May 2018

Packwood House visit

1st June 2018

Hook Norton Brewery tour & lunch then V8 Dinner

2nd June 2018

MGLive! 2018 @ Silverstone

3rd June 2018

MGLive! 2018 @ Silverstone