What's it like driving Mike Macartney's V8 Roadster?

Here Dugald MacNeill provides his first impressions of driving the V8 Roadster Converion completed by Mike Macartney in 2017. Report

See the series of 160 Rebuild Reports contributed by Mike Macartney as he undertook a comprehensive rebuild of an V8 Roadster. Rebuild reports

Posted: 180521
Whilst visiting Mike Macartney recently, Dugald MacNeill had an opportunity of driving the V8 Roadster Conversion Mike had restored which was covered by his popular series of "Rebuild Reports" published on the V8 Website. Here Dugald gives his impressions of driving the car.

"I visited Mike in Norfolk the other week in mid-April during that week of glorious sunshine. Mike hadn't driven his car since last August, mainly because of the bad weather over winter but also because he has been very busy with other projects; so now was an excellent opportunity to try out his car." See the full report