V8 Anniversaries Regalia

Robert MacGillivray says "I'll have my shirt and sweater at MGLive! if anyone wants to take a look at the logo".

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Posted: 180513
The Caledonian Centre has several MGV8 enthusiasts on the committee, not least Robert MacGillivray with three MGV8s, and they are planning to celebrate the V8 Anniversaries at a number of the events this year, including at the Bo'ness Hillclimb. For the celebrations they have arranged a V8 Anniversary 2018 logo that can be put on a number of the regalia items they sell - see the selection of six items they offer below.

The V8 Anniversary 2018 logo (see alongside) can include the text for all three anniversaries or just one or two. For example, if you only want the logo with MGBGTV8 45 YEARS underneath then that is fine.

The webpage for ordering items of regalia with the V8 Anniversary logo is on the Caledonian Centre website. When you send in your order using the online form the regalia member responds by email with details of where to send your cheque when the items are about to be ordered from their specialist regalia supplier.