Foot pumps for tyres

In this week's issue of the popular Car News Weekly, AutoExpress, they have a feature on "foot pumps tested". They have three top pumps:
> Michelin12209 Digital Footpump
> Streetwize Accessories SWFPJ33
> Halfords 686646

Their verdict is the Michelin pump is their best buy and the Halfords' pump is recommended as an "easy on the pocket" alternative but impressively effective. The Streetwize pump is also recommended.

AutoExpress is an 82 page colour magazine out weekly with news, new cars, features, tests, products and sport. Why not try a copy at your newsagent?

Posted: 180510

AutoExpress say "the combination of a great price and superb all-round performance is too hard to beat". It has a large digital display of the pressure. Price: £22.00

AutoExpress say "Halfords gets the basics right. Nothing beats this modelin terms of progress per pump and the dial pressure gauge is pleasingly precise". £12.99