Updated DVLA Form V112 awaited

MOT exemption for VHIs
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MOT exemption flowchart
Illustrates the substantial change, VHI declaration and MOT exemption procedure. Flowchart 2

Timing issues flowchart
Illustrates how a VHI self declaration has to be made with an application for a VED application for an Historic car.
Flowchart 3

VED exemption flowchart
This flowchart illustrates the procedure for claiming VED exemption. It is a separate process from VHI/MOT exemption but is included here for reference. Flowchart 1

DfT Guidance on "substantial change"
DfT Guidance

Support with DfT Guidance and a VHI self declaration
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Other important MOT rule changes from 20th May 2018
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The UK Government has clarified its approach to the implementation of its obligations under the EU Roadworthiness Testing Directive and how it will affect the UK MOT test as it applies to historic vehicles, and specifically Vehicles of Historic Interest (VHI). The new regime for exemptions from the requirement to take the MOT test comes into force on 20th May 2018. This exemption is available to any vehicle which qualifies as a VHI: essentially it was manufactured or registered for the first time at least 40 years previously, is of a type no longer in production, has been historically preserved or maintained in its original state and has not undergone substantial changes in the technical characteristics of its main components in the last 30 years. The responsibility of declaring a vehicle is a VHI will rest entirely with the keeper of the vehicle.
Our information note with an update on "substantial change guidance, VHI status and MOT exemption declarations" was released on the V8 Website on 3rd April 2018. As a self declaration of an Historic vehicle (the road tax class on the V5C providing eligibility for VED exemption) as an MOT exempt vehicle is available from 20th May 2018 and can only be made when a car is retaxed, that could result in a vehicle keeper waiting 12 months or more. In our recent update note we mentioned that one way of bringing forward the matter is to SORN the car for a short period and then retax it and on retaxing it the self declaration as a VED exempt vehicle could be made.

DVLA Form V112 is the form used the make the declaration a vehicle is exempt from MOT. It has to be submitted when the car is retaxed. For a VED exempt car shown as "Historic" on the V5C the car is "retaxed" but at the NIL value VED rate. We understand the Form V112 is being updated to include the MOT exemption declaration for vehicles 40 years old and more but when we last checked it has not been made available on the GOV.UK website. Presumably it will be released by 20th May 2018. Link to Form V112

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