FBHVC clarifications on the DfT Substantial Change Guidance & MOT Exempt Vehicles

Posted: 180427
In their latest FBHVC Newsletter the FBHVC has released clarifications on the DfT: Substantial Change Guidance and on the MOT exemption procedure. It's fair to say those clarifications need very careful reading but it is particularly interesting to see how the DVLA will update its MOT records. See FBHVC clarifications

Our information note with an update on "substantial change, VHI declarations and MOT exemption" was released on the V8 Website on 3rd April 2018. As a self declaration of an Historic vehicle (the road tax class on the V5C providing eligibility for VED exemption) as an MOT exempt vehicle is available from 20th May 2018 and can only be made when a car is retaxed, that could result in a vehicle keeper waiting 12 months or more. One way of bringing forward the matter is to SORN the car for a short period and then retax it and on retaxing it the self declaration as a VED exempt vehicle could be made.

Marque experts
We understand that in connection with the MOT exemption and VHI matters the MG Car Club has been requested to become an expert on the List of Experts being assembled by the FBHVC. Information on the scope of the expert role, the procedures and the identity of the Club's "expert" or "experts" is still awaited despite two email requests for information, neither of which has had a reply. So as the start of the new MOT exemption concession was rapidly approaching on 20th May 2018, we set up our consultation service which was announced on 3rd April 2018 to help fellow MGV8 members with any queries they may have with the DfT Substantial Change guidance and the procedure for making a declaration as an "MOT exempt vehicle".