Late MGBGTV8 seen in Switzerland
Victor Rodrigues reports "fellow MGV8 enthusiasts enjoyed a great sunny day as the SWISS-MGV8/IG started its season of events in 2018 with the traditional welcome at his garage near Zurich, followed by a countryside drive, ending with lunch in a typical Swiis restaurant. One of the highlights was the reappearance, for the first time, of a very interesting and very well maintained Factory MGBGTV8".

How can I get a Factory records search for my MGBGTV8?
Factory records search report

An alternator cover seen on this late rubber bumper MGBGTV8 in Switzerland. Victor Rodrigues thinks "it is a good idea providing efficient safety when doing some inspection or repairs whenever the engine runs. Do you know if this item was a standard/factory BL equipment or a simple after market item? Do you know if it is still available to purchase?" Email
See alternator cover

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One of the last Factory MGBGTV8s (Black 2896) was seen at a recent SWISS MGV8/IG meeting near Zurich. Victor Rodrigues reports it's owned by René Beerli in Switzerland. The car was known to be in Switzerland from a report back in the 1990s but was originally owned by Geoff Seaton in Surrey. Geoff was a flight engineer with BA and also a Lagonda enthusiast. He later had a chrome bumper MGBGTV8 finished in Damask. The V8 looks original and has had an internal red leather trim upgrade and a front spoiler under the black rubber bumper with spot lights. The offside wing has had V8/BL badging added.
The Production Record report alongside, generated from a copy of the records made by the late Geoff Allen in the weeks before the MG Plant closed, shows Black 2896 went through Paint Finishing on 24th May 1976 (the usual "Built" date) and was despatched on 26th May to Kennings in Ealing, West London. Victor Rodrigues reports it has engine 48602309A whereas the Factory record shows 48602507A was used for Black 2896. On checking the Factory records engine 48602309A is not shown fitted to another MGBGTV8 so as Geoff Seaton's registration confirms 48602507 was in the car the most likely possibility is the car must have had an engine change subsequently.
A copy of the V5 registration document shows the car was first registered on 16th July 1976 with a change of keeper on 7th December 1980 with Geoff Seaton as the second keeper. It notes the engine number is 48602309A so it seems the change was made in the first four years.

A service receipt from Geoff Allen dated 20th January 1987 shows the gearbox was out "to inspect the clutch and release bearing".

There is no record of the first owner.