What are the anti-theft options for a classic car owner?
Classic car theft is on the rise as the substantial increase in values means classic cars are now more attractive to thieves. Heritage Insurance say "classic car theft prevention is more important than ever with classic car theft on the rise. Only 5% of classic cars stolen are recovered". So what are your antitheft options? Here we review the options but of course the basics still apply - keep your keys safe and park in a safe place.

Keep your keys safe
It can be easier for a car thief to steal your keys rather than break in to your car so make sure they are in a safe place and not just on a key hook in the hall. Thieves will use a long hooking mechanism to snare your keys and drag them through your letter box.

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What are the ant-theft options for a classic car owner to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen?

Fit a tracker
This could be a basic GPS tracker simply to locate where the car is at all times or a more sophisticated tracker using GPs, GSM and RF capabilities with a 24 hour monitoring and recovery service able to provide the Police with priority response information.

MPNAutomatrics Active SS tracker is a sophisticated GPs, GSM & UHF radio location wired device which can be concealed in the car. It provides information on the location of the car. It has a good battery life and comes with the first year of their 24hr monitoring service included. Currently priced at £274.
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Streetwize GPs Tracker is basic tracker which can either be fixed to the battery for permanent power or you can charge the unit at home and then hide the tracker in the car where thieves are very unlikely to find it. It provides information on the location of the car to your mobile phone. It is easy to set up. Currently priced at £70.
See Halfords website

Mechanical immobiliser

These manual devices, like a steering lock, are a good visual deterrent and should be used in conjunction with another device such as an alarm or immobiliser. Make sure that your mechanical immobiliser is Thatcham Catergory 3 approved to ensure it has been tested thoroughly. See steering locks available at Halfords below.

Electronic immobiliser
This is designed to prevent the engine in your car being started and driven away by a thief. Typically they are hidden switches cutting the ignition circuit, cutting the feed to the fuel pump or a battery cut out switch.

Car alarm system
An alarm may not stop the vehicle from being taken but it will bring attention to any interference with car. If used with other anti theft devices it could prove invaluable against a thief.

Disklok covers the complete steering wheel and has high visibility plus it is exceptionally hard to remove without the key. It`s made from reinforced steel, making this steering lock a superb deterrent. The unique advantage is its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked, preventing the thief being able to steer the car and damage the vehicle's own steering wheel lock. Currently priced at £124.99.
See Halfords website

Stoplock Pulsar with flashing light on the arm of the steering wheel lock doesn't just lock your car, it draws attention to the fact that there's no driving this one away with a nifty flashing light. This acts as a very effective further deterrent to any would-be thieves. It's a basic budget anti-theft device. Currently priced at £29.99.
See Halfords website