MGBGTV8 on Car SOS series
Paul Smith in Wales reports "I was recently involved in a photoshoot which we filmed in Hereford in September for the TV series - "Car SOS". The new series started on Thursday 8th March 2018 featuring an MGA. Fuzz Townsend and Tim Shaw interviewed me about my 1973 MGBGTV8 which I have owned since 1978 and restored to concours condition. I have been told by the director of the series it will be featured, also mentioning MG enthusiasts and clubs in South Wales and other parts of the country, who love MG cars. I am keeping my fingers crossed my clip is aired, and hopefully there will be a plug for the V8 Register and the enthusiastic following for a great MGV8.

The series is presented by motor vehicle and engineering enthusiast Tim Shaw, and musician and mechanic, Fuzz Townsend leads a team of car restoration experts who mainly work off camera, though they do have occasional cameos, most notably appearances by "Workshop" Phil Palmer. Each episode begins with Shaw and Townsend picking up and reviewing the featured car. Shaw will discuss why the car is being restored while Townsend inspects the car's state, working out the amount of work needed. The car is then winched onto a trailer, and taken to Townsend's workshop, where it is inspected further by the restoration team. As the restoration work begins, Shaw is given a parts list and travels the country to find them, often portrayed in a comedic, 'blagging' manner. The series is on the National Geographic channel with repeats on More4.

Posted: 180316

Fuzz Townsend and Paul Smith.

Tim Shaw and Paul Smith.

Paul Smith with his MGBGTV8 and fellow V8 enthusiast Lionel Rosser

Fuzz Townsend and Tim Shaw in the MGA.