Classic car thieves are active

In their lead article today, Classic Car Weekly report "police are losing the battle against classic car thieves". Classic car enthusiasts have to be aware that with rising prices thieves are targeting their cars and investing in a tracker is a wise move. Without prompt information on a stolen vehicle's whereabouts the chances of recovering the car are low. So consider getting a tracker.

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Posted: 180214
In their lead article today, Classic Car Weekly reports "police are losing the battle against classic car thieves", adding a retired senior police officer says classic car owners may be forced to engage private firms to track down stolen classics because of ongoing cutbacks in police forces. So private firms could soon be involved in finding stolen classic cars for their owners. Cars are being stolen - an E-Type Jaguar in Hampstead in north London has still not been recovered. Fitting a tracker could become necessary for insurance cover.
If a classic car has a concealed tracker fitted, the owner on discovering the car has been stolen can see where it is as the tracker sends a link with its location and road speed. All you do is click the link on a smart phone (or use the link on an iPad) and a map shows the location of the stolen car. With classic car theft prompt action is essential, not least in giving the police good information on the car's whereabouts and encouraging them to try and intercept and recover the car.
See our earlier articles on an inexpensive tracker which can be fitted to an MGV8. It was a basic unit but good value. More sophisticated trackers have become available which could be a good alternative. More