Checks or resolutions for V8 enthusiasts for 2018

Six prudent checks or resolutions for 2018 for MGV8 enthusiasts.

Posted: 180104

Watch out for high renewal premiums from motor insurers and brokers and avoid being a passive high renewal premium "stuffee".

Check your servo on an MGBGTV8 as a vital safety check as around 20 servo failures have been reported by fellow members. More

Even if your car is MOT exempt continuing to get a voluntary MOT or a voluntary inspection and report is a prudent step. More

Don't ignore the warning signs of a stroke. Download a debit card sized reminder of what to look for with the FAST (Face-Arms-Speech-Time) checklist. FAST

Support an V8 40th Anniversary event in 2018. See our programme of events and the Looking Back series.
Events & Looking Back

Contribute and share information with fellow V8 Register members with a spares and maintenance tip and other news items for release on the V8 Website. More