V8 40th Anniversary Dinner
Friday 1st June 2018

How do I find The Star in Sulgrave?
Manor Road
OX17 2SA

Booking is essential
Just send an email with the names of who will attend the dinner to Victor Smith. Email

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Many annual V8 Dinners were held in the village of Sulgrave so returning there for our 40th anniversary dinner will be a nostalgic reminder for many longstanding members of those earlier years. For current members it will be an opportunity to meet up and enjoy the hospitality of the Star Inn and the tradition of the eight 4 minute toasts!

To assist the chef with a modest sized kitchen with preparing dishes for a large party, we will have a menu pre-order system several weeks before the event so members can review the menu and if they wish make their selections. This arrangement helps the chef serve the dishes more promptly.
Claudia & Kai Knickmann
Lesley & Victor Smith
Liz & Mike Pelling (Anglia Centre)
Janet & Rob MacGillivray
Mario Kloostra
Pricilla Harris & Barrie Franklin
Jeff Ward
Jackie & Nic Houslip
Four guests (Nic Houslip)
Lorraine Noble Thompson