Packwood House visit
Thursday 31st May 2018

How do I find Packwood House?
Packwood House
Packwood Lane
B94 6AT

Booking is essential
Just send an email with the names of who will attend the visit to Nic Houslip. Email

Posted: 171105

Note date is provisional as the Club is waiting for confirmation of the MGLive! 2018 dates

Nic Houslip
Lesley Smith
Victor Smith
Claudia Knickmann
Kai Knickmann

Packwood’s contemporary mingled style garden, with herbaceous borders, wildflower meadows and beautiful orchard is the perfect place to dream of carefree days. The gardens are noted for their exciting and colourful borders, unusual plants, bountiful Kitchen Garden and magnificent yew trees. More

Graham Baron Ash created his own private world at Packwood, enveloping himself in the warmth of nostalgia and creating a sepia tinted world all of his own. In this dream-like world he threw great parties for the county and Packwood House became a stage where he could live out his primly perfect version of country house hospitality. More