High ethanol petrol likely in 2017

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Posted: 161123
A report in Classic Car Weekly today says "policies that set the maximum ethanol content in petrol at 5% are due to terminate at the end of 2016 which means that higher ethanol grades of petrol could go on sale in the UK from 2017". The report adds that "industry experts and fuel companies predict that new proposals will recommend the increase in ethanol levels from 5% (E5) to 10% (E10) in order to increase the use of renewable energy in the UK". Then the article adds "Shell says it has no fixed date for the introduction of E10 fuel . .. . and will only offer E10 in the UK when we are confident motorists are ready to accept it."
The article then quotes a a UK producer of biofuels who says "if E10 is introduced it will mean there is an extra pump on the forecourt rather than replacing E5 completely so classic car owners will still be able to buy E5". Another specialist says in the article "it's likely that demand for E5 super grade fuels such as 98 will increase if E10 is rolled out onto forecourts". Let's hope this biofuels change is clarified for classic car enthusiasts before too long.