Mike Macartney's rebuild reports series reaches the 64th report

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Mike Macartney (left) and Dugald MacNeill with Mike's V8 Roadster on the "spit" which enables the car to be positioned for convenient working. Dugald has returned to North Norfolk to help Mike install the new Frontline 5-link rear suspension system which Mike is adding as an upgrade. Mike and Dugald have known each other for many years since they were at college together. More

Dugald MacNeill's MGBGTV8 - Teal Blue 1334 - which Mike Macartney bought as a "near barn find" from Dugald but later very generously agreed to Dugald buying it back in early 2014 as fully restored! But by then the MGV8 bug had bitten and Mike got himself a new MGV8 rebuild project - a V8 Roadster. More
Many members visiting the V8 website have been following the restoration of an MGB V8 Roadster undertaken by Mike Macartney in North Norfolk. Mike is a skilled and experienced specialist in vehicle restorations but now in "retirement" he is enjoying the V8 Roadster rebuild. His regular well illustrated reports provide a detailed account of the work. His interest in MGBV8s followed his restoration in 2013/14 of a Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 owned by a longstanding V8 member, Dugald MacNeill.