Online V8 Shop closed

Adverts for spares for sale or wanted
They will continue to be available free to current MG Car Club members. More

Adverts for MGVs for sale or wanted
They will continue to be available,
please contact the V8webmaster for details of how to place a advert.

New V8 Treasurer
If any member would like to help the V8 Register by volunteering to take up the role please do get in touch as you will be very welcome. More
Unfortunately we have had to close the Online V8 Shop as we have not been able to find a volunteer to take on the role of V8 Treasurer to cover the bookkeeping, VAT returns and prepration of annual accounts. On standing down at the V8 AGM in June last year, our former treasurer undertook to continue to provide cover until he had prepared the annual accounts to 31st December 2015 and they were settled and submitted to the Club's Accounts Officer. A number of V8 members have been approached and invited to take on the role but so far without success. In discussions with a bookkeeping contractor we found they did not wish to take on the engagement. So to avoid any bookkeeping difficulties and late VAT returns we have decided it is necessary to cease trading and so have closed the Online V8 Shop. We will open it again as soon as we can. More