Special offer on Dash Cam and GPS Tracker

For more information on the Dash Cam or the GPS Tracker and the special members' offer contact RBS Property Marking on 01474 350883 or visit their website at

Special offer ends 31st August 2015

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GPS Tracker
The CHIPNTRAC is a self-monitoring GPS tracker so that you can be alerted if your car is tampered with or stolen with text messages to your mobile phone providing vital information on the location to help recover the vehicle promptly. Review & Kit contents & Fitting Guide

Dash Cam

By having clear video evidence with the date and time recorded, insurers are able to understand the circumstances leading to an accident and settle the claim using that evidence. That can lead to faster insurance claims processing by removing doubt and uncertainty which might otherwise have delayed the settlement of the claim. The benefit is it enables you to protect your no-claims bonus and avoid increased premiums. Review