Godfrey Dennis on his enjoyment of his RV8

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Godfrey Dennis was at a Classic Car show in Manchester last April, on a stand displaying his RV8 with fellow members, when they were approached by a man who specialised in media videos for classic cars. He asked if any of them would be interested in helping him make a video. Godfrey recalls "it meant he would spend a day with each of us at our house, filming and interviewing, no cost to us – but at the end there would be a nice professional video. So I and three other members agreed. One had a MG TA, one had an MGA, one had a Midget and I had an RV8".

Godfrey adds "well – each of us received the end product by email last week and we were pleasantly surprised. Sadly, I was ad libbing during the interviewing bit, and I may be factually slightly adrift on the numbers, but overall I thought the guy did a decent job".

In the first part of the video you will see one of my colleague’s (Bill Ryding) TA but the 2nd part relates to my RV8.
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