V8 Curry 2014
Saturday 15th February 2014
The Last Viceroy in Bourne End near Marlow in Buckinghamshire

The Last Viceroy
Bourne End
74 The Parade
Bourne End

Location map

For further information contact Victor Smith. Contacts

Update: the Last Viceroy is a popular restaurant so it is essential members book a place by Friday 31st January 2014 because after that date the restaurant may no longer have space available for additional members wishing to join our party.

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An annual V8 Curry Night has been a tradition of the V8 Register from its formation in 1978. It is usually held in mid February and starts the programme of V8 Gatherings for the year! This year it is on Saturday 15th February 2014 at the Last Viceroy in Bourne End near Marlow.

Meet at the restaurant at 6.30pm for sitting down to dinner at 6.45pm prompt. The early start is so fellow members travelling from some distance will be able to leave so they return home not too late but also a party like ours needs to order and dine before the flow of individual customers of the restaurant begin to arrive towards 8pm.

A set menu is available with a selection of items as a starter and then a selection of main courses with a side dish, rice and bread all for £23.95. You can see their menu online.

Booking is essential -
check availability with the organiser Victor Smith as tables are booked.

Bookings made by fellow members

How to find Bourne End and the Last Viceroy
Bourne End is at the middle of the top left quadrant of this map - just east of the A404 and south of J4 M40. This map shows the M4/M40/M25 motorway box with the A404, a dual carriageway link road (marked in green) on the western side which runs from J8/9 M4 up to J4 M40, that passes close to Marlow on the lefthand edge of the map alongside.

You leave the A404 at an interchange signposted for Marlow and Bourne End. Approaching this interchange from the north or south, then your directions are:

Coming from the North from J4 M40, you simply come off the dual carriageway at the foot of a long downhill dual carriageway from J4 M40, and then turn left at that interchange for Little Marlow and Bourne End.
Coming from the South from J8/9 M4, then you come off the dual carriageway just as you see a Volvo office building on your lefthand side and before going up the long hill beyond the interchange. You turn right at the interchange and head off for Little Marlow and Bourne End.

The Last Viceroy is at 74 The Parade which is almost in the centre of Bourne End - a village by the Thames. It is marked with a red ring on the map alongside.

There is limited car parking in front of the restaurant and a larger municipal car park just 50 yds north east of the restaurant on a side road by a joint filling station and mini M&S shop.


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Lesley Smith
Ian Quarrington
Debbie Brading
Maureen Taylor
John Taylor
Charles Peers

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Tom Peers guest
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