Mobile service helps accident victims check insurance at the roadside

Download your askMID Roadside Lookup card with the insurance check routine so you can keep it with your cards in case of need.

Posted: 131218

Updated: 131220

The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) recently launched the free askMID mobile service to the public. The service, which is only accessible via a smart mobile device at, will help millions of accident victims a year check the insurance details of the other parties involved in a road traffic accident.

MIB Chief Executive, Ashton West, believes the new mobile service will help these drivers and many others take some of the stress out of collecting important information at the time of the accident.
"Accidents can be harrowing experiences, but collecting accurate details at the scene of the accident is absolutely essential to making insurance claims for damage
and injuries. The new askMID Roadside service provides drivers with an instant check of the Motor Insurance Database (MID) from their mobile phone. This confirms whether the other vehicle involved in the accident is showing as insured on the MID and provides the other party's insurance details so that the claim can be pursued quickly.”

West adds: "The askMID Roadside service offers motorists peace of mind that the insurance details provided by the other driver at the scene of an accident match the records held on the Motor Insurance Database. If the results from askMID checks are inconsistent with the person you've had an accident with, you should report that to your insurer immediately.”

Three simple steps for a roadside check of a third party's insurance details after an accident


Visit from your smart mobile device

- Your email address
- Your vehicle registration number
- The third party's vehicle registration number

Receive confirmation of insurer and contact details (on screen and to your email address)

Comment on using the askMID roadside support service with a mobile device at the scene of an accident
Commenting on this NEWS item a fellow member noted "I am more equivocal about the askMID roadside service mentioned in the recent NEWS item, and I believe it should be used with discretion. If the driver whose insurance you are checking with the askMID roadside support service is insured, then fine, he should not mind you checking his insurance and you have reassurance that you have the correct details. But if he is uninsured there are potential problems as of course it is too late to correct the situation, the collision has already happened while he was uninsured. So at best it simply makes you aware of a problem earlier, at worst you might have an unpleasant confrontation or he might snatch your lovely smart phone while you are standing in front of him and makes off. My advice would be to wait to make the askMID check until you have parted company, then if you discover he is uninsured you can alert the police who may be able to catch him, not that it makes any difference to you. General advice in the event of an accident is to err on the side of caution and report it to the police if there is any doubt whether it should be reported or not. If there may be allegations and counter-allegations about poor driving, the police are more inclined to regard the driver who reports the accident as the innocent party and a driver who makes no report as the villain of the piece."

Advice worth bearing in mind but still well worth carrying the askMID Roadside Lookup card and leaving a copy in the car too.
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