Search for a good MGBGTV8
Roger Aldridge relates the story of how he found a very good MGBGTV8. See the article and photos of the car.

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Roger Aldridge has owned and enjoyed an RV8 in Oxford Blue for some years but with semi-retirement he was able to consider also owning a GTV8. He thought his wife would prefer at GT and he had always felt an MGBGTV8 was a car he would like to own. So about three months ago he started looking with a budget of £10,000 to £15,000 for a really good car to keep. Some years ago he had seen a car on the Hall's Garage stand at the MG Show at Stoneleigh which they had completely rebuilt. It was in Damask Red and was stunning so he always thought if he ever got the chance that would be the quality of car that he would look for. So Roger started looking for an MGBGTV8 and the story of his experience of trying to find and buy a good V8 is quite revealing on what you
find when you look for a good V8.

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