Rebuild of an MGBGTV8 that featured in Classic Cars magazine
Peter Newman from Northamptonshire recently registered his V8 and says "I bought Tundra 0792 (OUH 427M) in 2011 for £3,250 as a bit of a basket case in 2011, drove it around for six months and then started to restore it. I do all my own restoration work which includes welding, spraying, engine etc - in fact everything is done in my garage at home, except I got Heathrow Transmission to do the gearbox. The restoration is now 80% complete with just interior and bright bits to do. Not added up yet but think I have spent around £9,000 on parts so it's becoming an expensive rebuild! The car was used in Classic Car magazine
1998 to go up against the new MGF see photo alongside. Sadly I had to change the colour from Tundra green and Ochre interior as it just didn't work for me, so now it's now Damask red with standard Black interior. I have hundreds of photos of the restoration if anybody would like to see more. I am trying to complete the car by the end of May 2015 but with all restoration projects the car is fighting with me all the way with very poor quality new parts and nothing seems to go together straightaway. I also own a 1.8 BGT which I have had for 33 years and currently show it at events with great success, so I am hoping the V8 will follow in its footsteps. Looking forward to being in the V8 Register". Photos & More photos & More photos