MGBGTV8 has a rebuild
Peter Ellis originally purchased his MGBGTV8 in 1980 - Damask 2632 - and it was used as everyday transport for two years, then as a second car for 14 years during which Peter and Jean attended events throughout the UK and overseas together with autotests, rallies, concours and touring. Peter sold the car in 1994 when the bodywork was starting to show signs of needing some major surgery.

In 2008 he repurchased the car. The bodywork still needed surgery and so he started the strip down. The bodywork and painting were completed in early 2010 and the rebuild took place over the following four years culminating in an MOT in
November 2014.
The body colour is now Tahiti Blue and the rubber bumpers have been removed leaving a clean bumperless front and back.
Peter has sent in a couple of photos along with a copy of his modified wiring diagram saying he has them "so I don’t have to try and remember what I did when I rebuilt it!". The wiring diagram has a few blanks in it as he has removed the details of any security devices. He also provides
pictures of the dashboard (covered in leather) as he really like the way it turned out.
Rebuild photos & wiring diagrams
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