What's involved in a major rebuild of an MGBV8?
Bryan Ditchman's rebuild of Bracken 1012 with the bodyshop Moonface in North Hampshire and PJ Wood in Buckinghamshire is an interesting case study. This Factory MGBGTV8 had been Bryan's everyday transport for many years and was a well maintained high mileage car averaging around 10,000 miles a year over its life.

See the photo record of the restoration in the sets of photo reports in the panels below.

What did he have done during the period June 2001 to October 2002?

Bryan sets out what was done over the 16 month refurbishment. More
Maintenance notes
Bryan recounts the various maintenance and replacement work undertaken as part of the continued refurbishment of his V8.

Items renewed
Items renewed in 2006, 2007 and 2008. More

Particular items on the car
Bryan lists the particular items he has fitted to his V8, for exampe an aluminium bonnet. More

Items needing attention
Bryan sets out the remaining items which need attention or replacement. More

Stripping and cleaning the underside of the V8.
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V8 mounted on a roll-over rig, stripped, new parts fitted and primed.
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V8 receives the undercoat and first coats of the final colour, Bracken.
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This V8 returns in sparkling form repainted.
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