Suspension upgrades and settings for an RV8
Fitting a Hoyle IRS upgrade kit and other suspension modifications are topics often raised by V8 enthusiasts so here we have a "gateway webpage" to the useful information on the V8 website.

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Setting up a Hoyle suspension upgrade on an RV8
When Angus Munro was considering the idea of putting the Hoyle IRS upgrade on his RV8 he did as much research as possible before deciding to go ahead. He found the article on fitting the upgrade by Steve Newton published in Safety Fast! December 2009 was helpful but felt there was a distinct lack of information regarding the set-up of the system and moreover, what to expect of it. Here Angus describes his experience with setting up his Hoyle IRS. 200112 More

Fitting a Hoyle independent rear suspension upgrade on an RV8
Steve Newton at Clive Wheatley mgv8parts has fitted a number of Hoyle rear suspension upgrade kits and provides an outline of what is involved. 011209 More

Not all suspension modifications on an RV8 are a good idea
Angus Munro describes his unsettling experiences with castor reduction "tuning forks" and a Panhard rod fitted to his RV8. Here he explains what he found and decided to do to rectify the handling. 011209 More

Hoyle suspension modifications for the MGBV8 and RV8
Changing the live rear axle and cart spring rear suspension to a
more modern IRS system was considered for the RV8 during the development of the model for production but turned down on the grounds of cost. Subequently an IRS upgrade kit for the RV8 was produced by Hoyle Engineering which a number of RV8 enthusiasts have fitted and report improves the ride and handling. John Hoyle is a skilled engineer and a very approachable man who is keen to help both enthusiasts and specialist traders fit his suspension modification kits to their V8 Roadster, MGBGTV8 or RV8.
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Hoyle suspension upgrade kits - a step change in improved handling
The improved handling and ride characteristics provided by fitting the front and rear upgrade kits supplied by Hoyle Engineering are reported by V8 enthusiasts as a "marked change" and "handling more like a modern car". So we have taken a closer look at the information available from Hoyle Engineering and gathered comments from Geoff King, a V8 member who has installed the kits on his V8 Roadster Conversion. 010604
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