Costello MGBV8 articles
Ken Costello saw how the combination of a Rover V8 transplant in an MGB would transform the performance of what was even then an ageing sportscar. As a private venture in Kent he began converting MGBGTs and the MGB Roadsters to V8 power.

The Sunday Times - 25th July 1971
Costello V8: a tiger in MG's clothing by Maxwell Boyd. More

Sunday Observer - 3rd February 1972
Costello V8: an MGB that bites by Gordon Wilkins. More

Autocar - 25th May 1972
Auto test: Costello MGBGTV8. More

Motor - 2nd June 1973
Bumbling B: first test of the Costello V8 by Tony Dron. More

Drive a Costello original, even if you've just bought the BLMC imitation it needn't ruin your day!
Ken Costello's advert in Motor magazine October 1973 was quite clear! More

Classic Cars for Sale - March 2009
Classics to consider: the attraction of Costello. More
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